The Pashad

The Pashad is the local government for the cities of Urshakous, and serves only as a figurehead for the powerful aristocrats who run the criminal syndicates.

The Pashad has several official duties. Tax collection, peace keeping, and settlement of claims by the people.

Taxes usually are broken up among the syndicate who threatens the Pashad Council the most. The Argwat has control of most of the council, and therefore get the most money from the council.

Peace keeping is usually ignored. There is a singular Warden named Huul, a sad and aged being who rarely does his job and believes the cities to be beyond salvation. He mostly just sits around his home.

Settlement of claims is one of the most utilized duties of the Pashad. The Pashad Council convenes once every 10 days, where the people are invited to bring small and criminal claims to the council. Unfortunately, the line is often very long, and the wealthy can afford to bribe the guard to be put at the front of the line. Very rarely does any topic brought to the attention of the council become solved, as the Pashad has very little power to achieve anything.

The Pashad

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