Restless Sen

Restless Sen is a deity worshipped by a select few in the realm of Urshakous. His followers are regarded as a death cult, and worship of Restless Sen is regarded as criminal by The Pashad.

The origins of Restless Sen are very old, and it’s possible that he has been worshipped for longer than the Ak’rat have been the primary inhabitants of the realm. Regardless of age, Restless Sen has survived in the minds of his followers.

The followers of Restless Sen believe that all creatures deserve justice, and the only way to fully solve a problem is to kill the unjust. This is a dramatic worldview, and the syndicates have dedicated not inconsiderable effort to finding and killing followers. With the recent actions of Restless Sen’s champion, Sen, the syndicates have redoubled their efforts.

Restless Sen is said to visit those he believes to be fulfilling his views, whether or not they are a worshipper of him. He appears as a towering humanoid figure dripping in black mud with glowing yellow eyes.

Restless Sen

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