The Argwat is a crime syndicate located in Urshakous, in and around the Capitol. It is run by an Ak’rat named Ban Tir, a cruel man with few scruples and a soft spot for younglings.

The Argwat deals primarily in Black Tar, and functions as the regions primary drug source. As of Mos 5:18, their organization is in trouble. With recent strikes against key members, it finds it’s leadership lacking and unable to cope with the great supply of the cities. This is causing Tar users to assault suppliers who have no supply, causing further trouble.

It also has many ties to the local government, The Pashad. Ban Tir has either blackmailed, replaced, or intimidated members of the Pashad Council, ensuring that the government has no power and remains in place as a poorly-veiled figurehead.

Currently, the syndicate has a large bounty for Sen.


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