Religious zealot, assassin, and dispenser of justice.


Likes: Iron, Obsidian, Music, Swimming
Dislikes: Politics, Poetry, Dancing, Smog, Criminals
Physique: Athletic, slim. Wiry muscle.
Attitude: Non-confrontational, quiet, humble.

Appearence: Dressed in simple tight leathers and gear built for high mobility. Appears as the Nascent tribe of the Ak’rat, simply out of respect for his ancestors.

1. Kill only the deserving.
2. Every being deserves justice.
3. Seek not worldly power.


Sen was born to a poor refiner in Urshakous. His father was a devoted follower of Restless Sen, a god of justice and humility. Sen’s father named him after his beloved deity, much to the disdain of the other people in the town. Restless Sen is seen as vengeful and warlike, especially to the normally rational and grounded people of the cities, who do not take gods.

Sen grew with his father’s borderline fanaticism, and grew to find the teachings of Restless Sen comforting. Eventually his father contracted the Vine Lung in Hol 5:64, in a large epidemic that killed thousands of cityfolk. Sen was distraught for several days, until Restless Sen came to him, and spoke of his purpose. The world was broken and torn apart. It’s peoples had fallen prey to corruption and evil, and he was to solve everything. This was when he Became, realizing his true nature as dispenser of justice and assembler of the world.

And so began what would be known as the Rampage of the Nameless, where hundreds of gang members, thugs, criminals and murderers started turning up dead in droves. Utilizing a supreme and elite devotion to his deity and his principles, he was able to destabilize the entire criminal underworld. In three years, he has destroyed two aristocracy run crime rings, and is currently working on the third, the Argwat.

Sen is a calm and well-spoken individual, belaying his ability to murder with great ability. He unquestioningly serves Restless Sen, and has been known on occasion to visit with his deity.


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