Tall female eidolon with bioluminescent skin/hair, white eyes, bound by vines, with words written in flowing ink across her body.


Persona traits: words within, always prepared, bound
Linked personalities: academic, organized, dutiful

Lumena was created by the swamp of Urshakous to preserve the knowledge of the realm. Her duty to gather and preserve the knowledge of the realm will expand to any other realms she is exposed to.

- preserve knowledge
- nature is sacred
- forget nothing


Lumena was created from the swamp, rather than from a being that became an eidolon. She has an innate love of nature and creation, for the creatures of the swamp especially. The words which are moving and swirling across her body from her Words Within persona trait are the notes and observations she has made of the life and culture in this realm so far, and will grow and change as her observations continue. She is bound to her duty of preserving knowledge by thick vines from the swamp she originated from which twist around her body. As a being of the swamp, her skin and hair is bioluminescent, like many of the creatures of her swamp are.


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