Team Healer



Likes: Natural medicines, potion brewing, sincere smiles, sunshine,
Dislikes: Causes of death, reading,
Physique: Tall and moderately sized. Not athletic.
Appearance: Feminine; dark haired and bright eyed. Has an extra set of limbs. Wears strings of berries and dried herbs. Clothes include a black eel-leather poncho and a bark-vine woven dress.


Primary Tenant: Do no harm to others.
Secondary Tenant: Save any dying form of life.
Other Tenant: Bring happiness into lives of others.

Persona Traits:

Blissful Gaze


Gully has a matronly affection for the swamps of Urshakous and the Ak’rat, as she was born to mend them. She enjoys being kind and helpful to others, however she has little tolerance for outsiders and the crime syndicate. She views the syndicates as a relentless bacteria: she can try to heal the symptoms they cast on society but that she alone does not have the power to squash it.

She is morally bound to her creeds and nothing else.

Entry one: Birth : January 26th


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