Whose Cornerstone Is It Anyway?

Make a Haven

Hey everyone. I wanted us to collectively make a haven.

Haven definition: http://imgur.com/z7jG1T5

I want us to build a home base kind of realm that we can go to and hang out and shit. This could be the source of a major scenario one or all of us could run, or it could just be some kind of pipe dream. The way I wanted us to do it was for us to each pick a trait going round-robin style (Will excluded, he doesn’t seem to care) until we have each picked a trait.

Alternatively, you can provide at least a one paragraph concept of a realm you would like to see, and we can decide whether or not we like it.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Day two

So Sen kills a fat guy and finds out about the cornerstone, Gully heals shit, Reno sings and is a NPC for the day, and Lumena basically observes everything and does fuckall.

Character Creation

We created our characters and also the world of something blah blah blah swampy.


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